My iPhone Apps

1. Amazon

I highly recommend trying this app out:

  1. Take a picture of a product.
  2. Amazon ‘recognizes’ the item (probably done via mechanical turk, it’s too smart to be algorithm based)
  3. Item is waiting for you in your Amazon account.

2. PageOnce
I travel for business more than I wish for, and I use that excellent utility as a place to organize all my traveled related data – frequent flyers, preferred hotel memberships and my AT&T bills.

3. Facebook
Mainly being used for mobile photo uploads.

4. Yelp
The single most important App on my iPhone. Find good food in your area fast. I must have good food or my mood turns south.

5. Evernote
I love their Mac software for note taking (I used to miss Microsoft OneNote, until I discovered Evernote). I still don’t use it on the iPhone but have it installed none-the-less.

6. Google Earth
Wow, that’s the future! The world in the palm of your hand. This is really sci-fi stuff for me. I just wait for real-time satellite streaming (probably due around 2015).

7. Skype
I still don’t use it, but I should.

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