Twitterography, Volume I: The Early Twits

I have been experimenting with Twitter since June 2008 (yes, before Opera), and am still struggling in finding its real value (ROI-wise; for people with real jobs, not social-media consultants).

Strongly following Ashton Kutcher’s path, I have now accumulated 125 followers and posted a whopping number of 102 updates. It’s about time for me to aggregate all this date into a book, titled “Liad Agmon: Twitterography”. It contains the best (well, all) of my 140 characters pieces of wisdom, so Historians in years to come will be able to decipher my mumblings into a coherent story of the first decade of the 21st century.

So here it is, embedded in all its fascinating glory, my Twitterography, Volume I: The Early Twits. Soon to appear in Amazon and Barnes&Noble stores near you.

Pay special attention to August 3rd. It seems as if I managed to watch two movies in the same day. It must had been a special day.

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3 thoughts on “Twitterography, Volume I: The Early Twits

    1. No, I manually edited it using an old type-writer 🙂
      Seriously though – it is done automatically. I forgot the name of the service, but it appears in the last page of the PDF.


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