TheMarker Magazine FAIL

TheMarker magazine is about to publish a short interview with me, and I just discovered (after it went to print) they mixed up their pictures, and someone else is pictured under my name. So ridiculous. Now, what’s the best way in 2009 to update an offline magazine? I suggested they re-print the interview, and have someone glue it in the right place of each of the 20,000 printed copies. As manual Search-and-Replace is definitely hard labour, I ended up settling for a new jet.

Here are the embarrassing pics (titles in Hebrew):

My name with a total stranger in the picture:


My picture on someone else’s interview.


Print is so dead.

2 thoughts on “TheMarker Magazine FAIL

  1. I actually think they did you a favor, maybe this way even girls will continue to read the article after seeing your picture


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