Facebook Never Heard of Opt In

This is becoming a Facebook routine – adding evasive features to their platform, without notifying users of such changes. The most remembered incident is the Beacon, which caused its fair share of backlash. Today I became aware (thanks George) of a new feature – appearing in ads displayed to my friends.

While I understand Facebook’s increasing need of improving monetization, appearing in ads without my consent is simply a no go. I have a better suggestion for the Facebook team: Simply sell all my private profile info to marketers. It’s a marketing gold mine. You can surely make a quick buck there! And if we are at it – I am sure someone is willing to pay good bucks for getting access to all my private messages as well.

Monetization idea #2 – Create a marketplace where I could bid for having access to my friends private messages. I am willing to pay 100’s of dollars for reading the emails of selected friends. Of course, you can opt out of the game, yet until you discover that option hidden somewhere in Facebook’s privacy settings – I am sure it’s going to be a great hit.


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