Lollapalooza Weekend

One of the signs of one getting older is attending events and realizing that more often than not, you are older than the average crowd…

I was less than half my current age when attending my first big concert, Metallica, in Tel-Aviv in 1993 (unbelievable – I even found a picture of an original ticket thanks to Al Gore’s invention, the Internet). It was an amazing experience, and I’m not sure till today how I managed to stand in the 2nd row without being crushed to death. I do remember however losing my t-shirt during the concert, and catching Kirk Hammett guiter pick…


Fast-forward to 2009. Depeche Mode and Kings of Leon will have to forgive me, as I skipped Lollapalooza’s first day due to rain (did I mention I am getting older? ), yet the following 2 days were a blast. I’m not sure what are the official numbers, but I estimate 250,000 people attended the festival. Tool were my personal highlight.

Here are some random shots I took.

Oh, and I forgot to mention: Thanks Pasha for the tickets!

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