An Insight Into Netflix Culture

A great presentation on Netflix culture. A must read for managers everywhere, and especially a must-read for top-level management in corporations of every size. I am not sure who leaked this presentation (and whether it was leaked), but it is also a great  recruiting speech.

Netflix beat Blockbuster to the ground, and with such exciting core values, I am curious to see how they are going to cope with their biggest challenge so far, their battle for survival: the crazy race towards dominating real-time video streaming. With ‘minor’ contestants as Amazon, Google, Apple, the cable companies and every major media company out there, I wonder whether Netflix can innovate fast enough to compensate for their strategic weakness over the cable and network providers?

Netflix vs BlockBuster stock performance

Presentation is pretty long, my dear ADD friends out there.

By the way – If you happen to read this and are a Netflix star – Send me an email – I’m hiring 🙂

I support Netflix shareholders on a monthly basic by paying a $20 subscription fee for movies I never have time to watch.

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