Bringing Childhood Memories to Life

This is a project I was keen on completing for many years.

In my childhood days in California (late seventies and early eighties), my dad would document us with his 8mm camera. These films were categorized by my Historian mom and kept in a safe closet for years, yet we only watched them once, about 15 years ago. The technicalities of installing the projector, and manually going through every roll were just too cumbersome.

So, finally, I decided to spend the small fortune needed ($1,000+) to convert 3 hours worth of childhood treasures to a digital format.

Debenham Media Group did a great job converting the films to full HD format.

Work is not done yet. I need to edit now 3 hours worth of footageto a 10-15 minute clip and add nice soundtrack. That project will probably wait until I come back from my travels.

One thought on “Bringing Childhood Memories to Life

  1. very cool stuff! next you should edit it into a TV series (ah-la "the way home"). I wish I had this kind of footage. come to think of it they should make a site that converts still photos into super-8 and invents childhood memories!


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