A Celebrity Generation Shift (or: a Lazy Hour With Google Insights)

Whenever I am stuck working on something difficult (in this case, a spec of a new project), I tend to waste my time around the web (You know what I’m talking about – why otherwise would you be reading this blog post instead of the more important things you have to do?)

So today morning, I ended up playing a bit with Google Insights. It’s a great tool to research trending topics and sort through fascinating data on the collective interests of people around the world.

I was curious to see how current pop stars are faring compared to the queen of pop. The graph below is like a popularity horse-race: Madonna is experiencing a 50% decline in interest over the last 6 years, Justin Bieber’s popularity is sky rocketing, and Lady Gaga is stumbling a bit in recent months.

Gaga’s serious debut started June 2008, and Bieber jumped on the international fame train exactly one year later. I encourage you also to waste valuable work time and play with Google Insights. You will find more interesting and ultra useful hair-saloon-discussions facts (for example, Lady Gaga is a superstar in Mongolia, Bieber is a huge hit in the Philippines and Madonna won’t cry at all in Argentina)


While all is well on the celebrity front, everything changes when you add the real king of pop. It’s amazing what the death of one person can do to popularity charts. Boom!

Flatline for all the wanna-bees.


Ok, I promised myself that after this quick nonsense blog post I’ll be back to work. Well… maybe I’ll just go downstairs to grab a cup of coffee and then for sure I’ll be back to work. Soon after I go over my inbox and answer emails, return a few phone calls, clean the apartment a bit and go for a quick run in central park.

No more distractions, please.

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