2012 New Year Resolutions

I never made new-year resolutions before, so I’m pretty excited to write this post.

Here are my new-year resolutions for 2012:

1. Do more sports. On an average week I run ~8K, swim ~2K and play tennis once. I plan to double these figues and add at least one bike ride and one yoga class per week.

2. Spend more time with the people I love.

3. Have a healthier diet. Eat more vegetables, eat out less frequently. Lose 5kg and reach 75Kg. That’s the toughest one. I love good food too much.

4. Learn to sing at a basic level. I am the most terrible singer in the world, to the point where I am embarrassed to even sing Hanukah songs. In 2012 I’ll work with a voice teacher and practice to a level where I could proudly master all necessary holiday songs.

5. Travel: Spend a couple of weeks in Iceland or in Mustang in Nepal (or both). Spend a week doing Via Ferrata climbs in the Italian Dolomites. Find time to go for a kiting trip. Go for more weekend trips in Israel.

Mustang, Nepal

6. Work: Reach $1M+ revenues with my new startup.

7. Read more books. I read less than 15 books in 2011. That’s not enough.

8. Spend less time online.

9. Improve my time management.

10. (A private resolution.)

 Have a Happy New Year and a Great 2012!




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