What is Dominating Our World’s Economy?

Four Words: Hardware, Software, Energy, China.

Look at the list below, of the world’s 10 largest companies by market cap (source: Forbes).

Apple, Microsoft, IBM (and soon Google, which is #14 on the list with $203B valuation) are making so much profit they become technology ‘blackholes’ . They can swallow almost any company. Apple’s profit are so huge that by next year it could almost buy the $134B Intel in an all-cash deal).

Exxon Mobil, Petro China, Royal Detch Shell, Chevron – Supplier of the black gold without which the world will come to a halt (or, rather, slow down to a horse riding pace). Their power may change in the future with the progress in alternative energy resources, yet it will take a few decades for these technologies to serve the world’s energy hunger.

ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) and China Mobile – Well, there are more than a billion Chinese people out there. Anyone has any doubt China will be the most dominant country in the world going forward?

And, the list is concluded by one industrial giant, General Electric. My bet is that Google will replace it very soon.

World’s Biggest Companies


4 thoughts on “What is Dominating Our World’s Economy?

  1. The total market cap of the financial sector is $600T, which is bigger than basic materials (which included BP), consumer goods, and technology sectors combined.
    Finance is what dominates our economy.


  2. היי ליעד, זה כנראה לא המקום הנכון אבל יש לי כמה שאלות לגבי הסדנא בהאב תל אביב שאתה מעביר. איך והאם אפשר ליצור איתך קשר?



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