About Me

I was born in California, spent most of childhood in Israel and my high school years in Italy.

I am currently an Entrepreneur-in-Residence in Bessemer Venture Partners, an amazing firm of ultra-smart and fun investment professionals.

Prior to Bessemer, I was a Vice President of New Services at Sears Holdings Corporation and a board member of its Home Electronics and Outlets business units. I joined Sears following the acquisition of my social search engine startup Delver. Before Delver, I founded an Information Security startup, Onigma, which was acquired by McAfee. The acquisition party was a blast 🙂

The original motive for starting Onigma was to sell it and use the money to finance my first feature film. The first part of the plan worked out  well, yet I couldn’t resist starting ‘just one more startup’. Going back to making movies has become again an exciting option.

Before all that startup extravaganza, I wrote a very funny Israeli sitcom (together with my highly talented comedian friend Nadav Abekasis) yet unfortunately, none of the local TV producers we met laughed as much as we did. The script is now safely stored in my home computer under the folder ‘the funniest Israeli comedy no one will ever see’.

Earlier in my career, I worked with American-Israeli film director Avi Nesher on various projects, the most interesting one being ‘Turn Left at the End of the World’, a major box-office success in Israel (If I recall well, it was the top grossing movie in Israel since 1980).

I graduated cum-laude from Tel-Aviv University with a double-BA in Film Studies and Computer Sciences, however the real exciting stuff took place during my high school years in the United World College of the Adriatic in Italy. If you stumbled upon this page and you are about 15 years old, stop everything you do and apply for a scholarship at the UWC. You will never regret it!

Finally, I’m addicted to travel and spent nearly three years of my life traveling around the world: spent an year in Asia, climbed 6,000+m mountain peaks in South America and generally kept myself busy avoiding getting killed in a wide range of extreme sports and stupid activities (tips for travelers, #12: Never drive at night in India with more than 3 people on your bike). I still have some secret plans of living under a Cocoa tree for several years. Please let me know if you have a beautiful island for sale.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Yes, I stumbled upon this page, I am not 15 y/o so going UWC is not really an option but I am glad to see you made a good use of your time and resources. I enjoyed reading your posts and will look forward for more. Be well, old friend!


  2. Yes, like anybody else who will read this page, I was fascinated by it and found it to be so interesting. Utar buchorr im harbay quishronot. Kol ha kavod


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